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Getting help in Wiltshire

If you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction in Wiltshire, you may struggle to locate a suitable rehabilitation centre that suits your needs. You may have visited your GP or attended your local NA or AA meeting, but your drinking or drug use hasn’t really improved.

If this is the case, you likely require a detoxification followed by a rehabilitation programme conducted within a residential setting. Why? Because residential treatment in Wiltshire means you are removed from your ‘using environment’ whilst you receive your detox. This means the risk of relapse is removed.

If you have not attended a rehabilitation centre in the past, you will likely have many questions relating to the process. These questions will largely centre on what you must do to gain access to a rehabilitation centre, what happens once you arrive and lastly, what happens when you leave.

We shall answer all of these questions, but firstly we would like to tell you about Keith.

Case study: Keith from Salisbury

Keith is a 48-year-old IT manager from Wiltshire. Keith has had a ‘hard life’ compared to most people’s experiences, despite his otherwise stellar career successes. Keith’s father abandoned his family when he was three years old and he was later abused by his stepfather. When Keith was 18, he moved away to go to University. Keith was married by the time he was 24, but he sadly lost his wife to cancer when he was 39. Keith has two children and he’s since remarried.

Keith suffers from severe anxiety and mild depression due to the trauma he’s experienced in his past. Keith takes anti-depressants but he also ‘self-medicates’ with alcohol and what he says are ‘social drugs.’ However, Keith’s got to the point where he needs to drink alcohol all the time. This includes when Keith is at his place of work. Keith’s supervising manager eventually smelt the alcohol on him. Keith was subsequently suspended from his duties as an IT manager.

Fortunately, Keith’s employer knew how to deal with this situation. His supervisor, Gary, contacted Rehab 4 Addiction. Our admissions team located a suitable rehabilitation centre for Keith in Wiltshire and Keith attended the rehabilitation centre for a 28-day period. During this time, Keith received modern psychotherapeutic sessions that taught him how to cope with his anxiety in ways that do not involve substance misuse.

Keith has now completed his programme and he’s back at work. He’s now been sober for around eight months and he now feels his life has been ‘put back together.’ He attributes his success to the help he received from his employer and then the help he received from Rehab 4 Addiction.

Gaining access to this treatment

If you’ve read this far, you will probably be wondering how you too can gain access to our drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment in Wiltshire. All you must do is contact our admissions team on 0800 140 4690. When you ring, you will be asked to complete a short pre-admission assessment. Once this information is gathered, we shall mutually agree on a suitable admission date.

What happens when you attend our rehab centre in Wiltshire?

When you attend our Wiltshire rehabilitation centre, you will receive a full psychiatric assessment. This is followed by your induction. You will be given time to adjust to life at the rehabilitation centre before you are expected to engage in therapy sessions. Once you begin therapy, you will be assigned to a therapist who will track your progress during the course of 28-days. You will also take part in a number of holistic therapies and 12-step meetings.

What happens when your rehab programme concludes?

When your rehabilitation programme concludes, a robust and far-reaching aftercare programme is put in place. The aim of this programme is to ensure you do not relapse when you return home following discharge. Aftercare is free and so you will not be expected to pay an additional fee in order to access the weekly aftercare sessions we provide.

Taking things further

If you would like to enquire about our drug and alcohol rehab services in Wiltshire, contact our admissions team today on 0800 140 4690 or contact us through the website. We shall run you through a quick assessment. Following this, we shall arrange for a suitable admission date. Should you wish to view our Wiltshire rehab centre before you commit to the treatment, we shall arrange for a suitable date and time for you to do so.


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