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Rehab 4 Addiction is proud to offer a proven yet affordable alcohol detoxification programme for patients based throughout the United Kingdom. Our programme tackles the physical and psychological components of alcohol addiction. The initial alcohol detoxification process is concerned purely with the physical components of addiction and importantly ensuring our patients tackle alcohol withdrawal symptoms in a controlled and medically supervised environment. We view the alcohol detoxification process as the first of many steps in your lifelong recovery journey.

Residential based detoxification

Our alcohol detoxification programme takes place in residential or as it is also known ‘inpatient’ rehabilitation settings. The entire alcohol detoxification programme will last typically for around seven days. If deemed necessary your physical detoxification period could run for a maximum of around nine days. During this time you will have little or no contact with the outside world. This includes contact with friends and family members. During the period you will not be exposed to ‘triggers’ of addiction.

24 hour medical supervision

Your investment in our alcohol detoxification programme includes 24-hour medical observation, one-to-one nursing and therapy. Highly nutritious meals will be provided four times per day and a number of medications designed to ease withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detoxification will be offered.

This includes:

  • Tranquillisers such as Chlordiazepoxide, Halazepam and Oxazepam
  • Anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines
  • Beta-blocker drugs to fight off seizures

The severity of symptoms differ for each patient during alcohol detoxification. Symptom severity typically increases with the severity and duration of alcohol addiction. Tranquillisers such as Chlordiazepoxide may be prescribed during a medically supervised alcohol detoxification programme along with vitamin B6 supplements. Anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines may also be offered.

During medically supervised alcohol detoxification your needs will be constantly assessed throughout the day and our consultant psychiatrist will prescribe medication as necessary. Upon completion of our alcohol detoxification programme patients will begin the therapy and counselling programme which is designed to tackle the psychological and emotional components of addiction.

Detoxification based on thorough clinical evaluation

Before alcohol detoxification is allowed to commence you may be required, with your consent, to allow us access to your medical records and associated documents relevant to the detoxification process. Medical staff will peruse these records to ensure your medical needs are addressed throughout your stay at our residential rehabilitation centre. A thorough clinical evaluation will be initiated.

Initial Assessment

During the initial assessment our admissions officer will determine:

  • The amount of alcohol you drink each today
  • How long you have been drinking alcohol for at the current rate
  • Your social circumstances surrounding your addiction
  • Medical problems due to your addiction
  • Other non-addiction related medical problems
  • The medications you are currently taking
  • A thorough mental health assessment
  • Whether you have previously attempted residential rehabilitation and if so at which centre(s)

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You are able to pay for our alcohol detoxification programme either by way of private funds, NHS referral or via a policy of health insurance. You may also be able to gain funding via your community such as a church or other charity. You are able to call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or you can complete the enquiry form and a member of the team will call you back within the hour.