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Rehab 4 Addiction offers drug and alcohol treatment options in Cambridge. Cambridge is a city known for its University. In the rehabilitation industry, Cambridge is equally praised for the quality of substance abuse treatment on offer.

However, since Cambridge offers a wealth of treatment options, people seeking treatment are often confused by so much choice. Rehab 4 Addiction offers a lifeline to those seeking treatment in the Cambridge area.

When you call Rehab 4 Addiction an advisor initiates a short but vital assessment. The information gained during assessment allows our advisor to select a treatment option tailored to your particular needs.

Choosing the right programme from the outset means you are much more likely to succeed in your recovery goals.

Information about the rehab clinic

The rehab clinic in Cambridge is located in a rural area surrounded by acres of land. The rehab has horse stables and fishing lakes. Inside the rehab, you will have access to your own single occupancy bedroom with ensuite facilities. The rehab clinic has a number of recreational rooms, kitchen area and dining room.

There is an on-site gym, steam room and sauna. This means you may keep up your daily exercise route whilst in rehab. The kitchen staff prepare your daily meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The rehab has Wi-Fi access across the estate, and you may unwind in the lounge area at night and watch TV or a film during your stay.

The rehab clinic offers round-the-clock support by a range of addiction professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses. During your rehab, your loved-ones may also visit you during visiting hours.

Treatment options in Cambridge

Treatment options available in Cambridge revolve around three key areas:

A home-based detox means patients undergo detox from home. This option is preferable where the addiction considered is mild and/or short-term.

For the chronic addict, a home detox often results in relapse due to the lack of professional medical support during the acute withdrawal period.

Outpatient programmes require patients to attend centres during the day. Patients typically combine an outpatient programme with one of the other key treatment options above.

For instance, many residential providers in Cambridge offer outpatients support in the form of aftercare sessions. This takes place typically on a Saturday morning throughout the first twelve months after rehab is completed.

A home detox may also incorporate an element of outpatient treatment, typically in the form of post-detox therapy and counselling sessions. This means patients receive treatment for the mental as well as the physical aspect of addiction.

Detox options in Cambridge

Detox on either a residential or home-basis requires patients to stop taking drugs and/or alcohol. All toxins are thus removed from the patient’s system during detox.

Medications are generally prescribed to reduce withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary depending upon the substance in question and the severity of the addiction. An addiction to alcohol, heroin and certain prescription medications give rise to mortally dangerous symptoms.

These symptoms may be treated at a residential rehab centre rather than at home. This is because residential centres offer 24/7 medical attention not available to patients choosing to detox at home.

Contacting Rehab 4 Addiction

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