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Deciding to invest your time in a residential rehab programme in London is one direction you could take this year. When you think about going to rehab, you might feel this may be costly in terms of time and money.

However, when you contact Rehab 4 Addiction on 0800 140 4690, we are able to work out a rehab plan that’s right for both you and your budget.

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you inflict all manner of damage to your life. You also hurt the people who care most about you.

If you’ve been addicted to drugs or alcohol for many years, it’s likely you’ve now hit rock bottom. This is when the pain of continuing to use drugs or alcohol outweigh any satisfaction you may derive from doing so.

When you attend a drug or alcohol treatment facility in Southwark, you are gaining the opportunity to undo most of this damage inflicted by your addiction.

This statement may sound unbelievable at present, but over time, you are more than capable of rebuilding a happy and healthy life that does not involve drink or drugs.

The sooner you decide to pick up the phone and contact Rehab 4 Addiction, the quicker you are able to start making these changes and undo this damage.

If you choose to take no action, life will probably continue to spiral out of control. This is because addiction is a progressive disorder.

Inaction only serves to strengthen your addiction, thus making it harder and harder to break free from its grip.

What happens at rehab in Southwark?

During your rehab programme in Southwark, you will gain an incredible education into your most inner of workings. This is achieved through the use of psychotherapy and cognitive therapy.

Therapy is conducted in group settings. This is known as ‘group therapy’. Group therapy sessions are led by qualified addiction counsellors. Secondly, you will also take part in individual therapy sessions.

These sessions are conducted in private with a qualified therapist. Here, you may discuss your life’s events without the knowledge of the wide group.

Therapy’s overall objective is to give you a better understanding of your mental outlook. Specifically, you will analyse the emotional causes of your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

This may be due to the trauma you have experienced in childhood. Or, perhaps you are choosing to self-medicate with substances in order to reduce the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Whatever your reasons for resorting to substance misuse, therapy may help you understand those reasons. More importantly, therapy arms you with strategies to cope with life without the need to pick up drugs or alcohol.

How we can help you

Currently, there could not be a better time to go to rehab in Southwark. Treatment is offered by a variety of charities, private companies, and the NHS.

There truly is no shortage of viable options to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

To discover which option is suited to your needs, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we will explain your various treatment options in plain English. By the time you have completed the call, you will feel much more knowledgeable and confident about going to rehab.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe nobody deserves to live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. For this reason, we shall endeavour to find a treatment solution that fits your needs, circumstances, and budget.

For over a decade, we’ve assisted thousands of people in Southwark and we are sure we will be able to help you too.

Finding and then selecting the correct addiction treatment provider is often confusing and time-consuming. When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, you draw on the support of our vast treatment provider database.

This information is supported by our advisors’ thorough knowledge about treatment options in Southwark. The free service we provide means you thus save a substantial amount of time in selecting the most appropriate treatment provider in Southwark.

Treating the physical and emotional aspect of addiction

Addiction consists of a mental and physical aspect. Many drugs are both physically and psychologically addictive. Both these aspects of addiction must be sufficiently treated, otherwise ‘relapse’ will occur. The physical aspect of addiction is treated using medications

. This is known as a ‘medically assisted’ detox programme. The mental aspect of addiction is treated using a variety of therapy and counselling techniques as explained about above.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we only recommend rehab treatment options that address both the physical and mental aspect of your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Private and public treatment options in Southwark

When you attend rehab, you must decide whether to seek out either privately paying or state-funded treatment. Over the last decade, the availability of state-funded treatment has largely disappeared.

Where it is available, you generally must submit to a lengthy waiting list before you become eligible to begin your treatment.

Generally, when you suffer from an addiction, time is of the essence. This means it may be beneficial to consider private paying options in order to obtain treatment without delay.

Private rehab is usually available within 24 hours. This means you may begin your treatment without undue delay. When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we will recommend private treatment to suit your budget.

Outpatient treatment in Southwark

A second treatment option available to you in Southwark is known as an outpatient treatment programme. This form of treatment is generally cheaper and more flexible than residential rehab.

Outpatient treatment may also take place at the weekend, meaning you will not need to take time away from work in order to tackle your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

One important word of caution when it comes to outpatient treatment: outpatient treatment does not remove you from your ‘using environment’.

This may make it difficult to enter recovery because the temptation to continue to use drugs or drink alcohol is too great to overcome. When you attend a residential treatment facility, you are removed from your regular environment.

Requesting more information

For more information about going the rehab in Southwark, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

We shall advise you on selecting a treatment programme that’s suited to your needs. We carry out an initial telephone assessment to help us determine these needs and before any specific treatment recommendation is made to you.

You may also contact us through this website.  Locations we serve in London include WandsworthMertonHarrowSouthwarkLewishamGreenwichHounslowLambethCroydonEnfieldEalingIslingtonHaveringCamdenWestminsterHillingdonRedbridgeHackneyNewhamBromleyBarnetChelsea and KensingtonKingston-Upon-Thames, and Notting Hill.

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