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We Have Found Multiple Treatment Facilities In Warwickshire

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Getting help in Warwickshire

Rehab 4 Addiction’s drug and alcohol rehab services in Warwickshire mean you can now experience rehabilitation in style. Our modern rehab facility in Warwickshire offers a distinguished rehab programme taking place in an even more distinguished setting.

This rehab clinic offers you an utterly stable environment whilst you get better. You receive a number of highly effective therapy techniques designed specifically for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We promise that if this isn’t your last stint in a rehab clinic, it will surely be your most memorable.

Overcoming temptation in your recovery

If you suffer from an addiction, often stopping is the easy step in your road to long-term recovery. The hardest part is affectionately known as ‘staying stopped.’ When you enter recovery, stressful events are likely to occur that test your resolve. These stressful events mean many people return to drug and alcohol use.

To resolve this problem, our Warwickshire rehab clinics have developed a number of proven techniques to help you overcome urges to return to drug or alcohol use, no matter how much stress you face in your everyday life. Briefly, these techniques include relapse prevention strategies, cognitive behavioural therapy and a number of holistic therapies.

Now, you are able to gain access to all of these therapies and much more thanks to Rehab 4 Addiction’s drug and alcohol rehab offerings in Warwickshire. When you attend one of our fantastic Warwickshire rehab clinics, you will receive a number of services designed to ‘get you better.’ These include a clinic detox, group and one-on-one therapy techniques and structured aftercare.

Addictions we treat in Warwickshire

Our treatments run the entire gamut of different addictions you may imagine. This includes alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prescription drug addiction and a number of behavioural addictions. Each person is treated as unique, so rehab programmes will differ between different people even if their substance of choice is identical to one another. We believe the personalisation of addiction treatment is far more effective when compared to a generalised approach often adopted by some providers of addiction treatment services.

AA Meetings in Warwickshire

Below we list some of the AA meetings taking place in Warwickshire. AA provides a ’12 step’ recovery model. This is ideal for people who have already undergone addiction treatment. AA is primarily offered to recovering alcoholics. AA has a sister organisation known as NA for recovering drug addicts:

Warwick BreakfastSt Paul’s Church, Friar StSaturday08
Warwick Living SoberCoffee Rm, All Saints Church, All Saints RdSunday20
Warwick Newcomer Step 1The Gap Community Centre, 39 Oakwood GroveWednesday20
Leamington SpaSt Peter’s Church Hall, Dormer PlaceSaturday20
Leamington SpaSt Peter’s Church Hall, Dormer PlaceMonday13

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