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Rehab 4 Addiction offers multiple drug and alcohol rehabilitation services across the Glasgow and greater West of Scotland region. This includes home detoxification, outpatient treatment and fully and quasi-residential treatment services.

These treatment programmes typically begin with a detox, although this depends upon the nature and duration of your addiction. If you are a family or friend of a Glasgow-based addict we also offer a professional intervention service.

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About Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services in Glasgow

Unfortunately, Glasgow tops most Governmental and non-Governmental surveys when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. Since 2012, Glasgow’s drug and alcohol problem has increased year-on-year.

This increase is across the board from alcohol to heroin and an array of ‘legal highs’. Glasgow’s drug and alcohol problem is an issue the City Council has failed to tackle.

Private sector rehabilitation services are often all Glasgow-based drug and alcohol addicts have to turn to. However seeking out the correct treatment provider is often problematic, particularly given the large variety of options available.

Most people who seek these sort of services do so with little idea of the appropriateness of each treatment programme on offer.

Whilst Glasgow does not have any shortage of quality drug and alcohol treatment centres, it is vital you choose a programme that is best suited to your particular needs. Get this decision incorrect and you risk relapse, if not an early grave.

Over the last decade, Rehab 4 Addiction has built up a stellar record for placing drug and alcohol addicts into rehab centres in the Glasgow area.

This service we provide is entirely free of charge and means your chances of beating drugs or alcohol are significantly increased. This is because we place you in a centre that’s optimised for treating your particular addiction and any associated mental and emotional problems you may face.

Why we recommend residential rehab treatment

At Rehab 4 Addiction we deal with thousands of drug and alcohol addicts each year. Once rehabilitation completes we stay in touch with many of the people who have passed through our doors.

A small minority of recovered addicts relapse shortly following the completion of their treatment programme.

Observing this tragedy is one of the less pleasing realities of working in the drug and alcohol rehab field. From observing the recovery of thousands of addicts, we can say residential rehabilitation offers patients the best possible chance of staying in recovery for the rest of their life.

Other forms of treatment such as outpatient and home-based detox programmes perform significantly worse than residential treatment, particularly when it comes to long-term recovery.

What does residential treatment involve?

When you choose to experience a Glasgow residential rehab programme for drug and alcohol addiction, you will receive the best possible chance of remaining in recovery for the rest of your life.

Before you enter this centre you must call Rehab 4 Addiction in order to complete a pre-admission assessment. Upon the completion of this assessment, you receive an admissions date.

Upon entering a Glasgow rehabilitation centre, a full mental and physical examination are carried out by a qualified psychiatrist. Following this, you will begin an extensive detox programme. Here, all drug or alcohol toxins are removed from your system.

Once detox comes to a conclusion, the ‘rehabilitation’ process begins. This typically involves therapy and counselling session that aim to treat the underlying mental problems that give rise to addictive behaviours.

By the time you have completed your rehabilitation programme, you will be mentally and physically rehabilitated.

Furthermore, you will be armed with a number of stress-management strategies that help you fight off drug or alcohol cravings. Without these strategies, powerful cravings risk all the hard work and progress you have earned during rehabilitation.

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