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Drug and alcohol addiction is a major health issue in many parts of the United Kingdom, including Isle of Wight. While the government and authorities have taken many measures to lower the number and intensity, more and more people are still struggling with it.

Fortunately, you can seek professional consultations and support from our experienced and licenced experts.

Whether you or your loved ones want to recover from these problems in Isle of Wight, just contact us immediately to get the support you require.

Common misconceptions about drug and alcohol addiction in the Isle of Wight

If you often read newspapers or watch TV, it is easy to notice that there are so many stories and articles mentioning celebrity rehab. That’s why many people often have a common misconception that residential and private addiction treatment options are only for the famous and rich people.

However, this is completely wrong. While these services require a significant amount of time, they are often within the reach of most people in the Isle of Wight. More importantly, we provide you with different options to meet various budgets and needs.

How can we help you with drug and alcohol rehab in the Isle of Wight?

Despite the significant gaps in public services, we are here to help you deal with drug and alcohol addiction issues. Our rehab centres provide a wide range of solutions to meet people of various income levels and budgets.

More importantly, they are all immediately accessible so that you won’t be needed to join an extremely long list of waiting before you would be eligible for these services. Rather, most of the addiction cases could be accessed quickly within one or two days after your first contact with our staff via the telephone or private meeting.

Drug and alcohol intervention in the Isle of Wight

Participating in drug and alcohol rehabilitation might require plenty of time and commitment. Those patients who are coping with addiction would feel that those services aren’t really necessary and would even believe that they are not actually addicted.

Nevertheless, this denial might be heart-breaking and disappointing for their friends and other family members when it is rather clear that their addictive behaviours are slowly hurting them.

Fortunately, we deliver a range of intervention services in Isle of Wight and surroundings. In case you choose intervention, one qualified therapist will come to your house to have a direct meeting with the person suffering from substance use disorder.

What will include during your drug and alcohol rehab in the Isle of Wight?

When you first come to one of our rehab centres in the Isle of Wight, you will immediately get a comprehensive psychiatric and physical assessment. This test will enable our experts to design the treatment plat for your rehab and detox programme.

Once this first assessment is done, the detox phase will start. This is an important phase because all alcohol beverages and drugs would be eliminated from your body.

To prevent the body from abandoning these treatments, our experts would prescribe many medications to help reduce the possible complications to safer degrees.

After the detox process completes, the patients need to attend a couple of counselling or therapy sessions. In this period, they have to work with one of our experts or therapists to figure out underlying psychological causes which trigger your addictive behaviours.

A few modern therapy methods might be applied, such as dialectical behavioural or cognitive behavioural therapy.

Aftercare services for drug and alcohol rehab in the Isle of Wight

After the process of alcohol and drug rehab is done, patients would receive up to 12 months of extended aftercare in one of our Isle of Wight centres without additional charges.

This means they could feel free to come back and visit one of our facilities whenever a major health problem caused by addictive behaviours happen again. In addition, we would give you the contact of some local support groups so that you can get additional support.

Contact us now to get help in the Isle of Wight

To learn more about the available treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction in the Isle of Wight, call us now. You will be advised by one of our experienced and dedicated experts. After a few minutes of consultation, you will know exactly what to do and make an informed decision.

Contact us today on 0800 140 4690 or submit an enquiry via our online contact form.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Hampshire, including Southampton, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Winchester, Andover, Petersfield, Isle Of Wight and Aldershot.

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