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If you do not take action, your addiction to drugs and alcohol will continue to deteriorate. One treatment option in Lambeth is to undergo treatment at a residential rehab clinic.

However, there literally exists many hundreds of different treatment options in Lambeth. If you choose to undertake your research unaided, there is every risk that you will become confused.

This may serve to delay your decision to seek out treatment, or even cause you to put off seeking out treatment entirely.

To avoid this fate, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

When you contact us, we carry out an important telephone assessment. This assessment supplies us with the necessary information so that we may select a suitable treatment option in Lambeth or across London on your behalf.

This service is free and utterly confidential in nature.

Reasons for your addiction to drugs or alcohol

Initially, you probably started to take drugs or abuse alcohol to make you feel good about yourself. Many people suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol suffered sexual or physical trauma in the past. Substance misuse is known to ‘self-medicate’ negative emotions that arise due to these traumatic experiences.

This means that substance misuse helps you ‘escape’ from negative emotions. These negative emotions may develop into anxiety and depression. However, in time, substance misuse will begin to aggravate these negative feelings that you wish to alleviate.

Finding healthier alternatives

When you choose to attend an addiction rehab clinic, you will be armed with strategies that allow you to cope and diminish negative emotions in natural and healthy ways. This means you will no longer require alcohol or drugs to perform this function.

These strategies involve rebuilding your life so you may experience happiness naturally. For instance, you will take part in exercises that help you to build the confidence and self-esteem needed to develop your social life in new and exciting directions.

When you have completed rehab, you will gain the belief that life doesn’t have to be lived under the tyranny of substance misuse. In essence, you are given the hope to live and enjoy your life under your own terms.

You are given the resources to make positive changes to your life so even the thought of taking drugs or alcohol becomes untenable.

What happens at a rehab clinic in Lambeth

During the initial stages of your rehab programme, you will undertake a detox programme. Whilst you possess the psychological will to quit drink or drugs, powerful withdrawal symptoms prevent you from turning this wish into reality.

When you attend rehab, you will be given medication that allows you to detox without experiencing these withdrawal symptoms. This is known as a medically assisted detox programme, and this is an essential phase of rehabilitation.

Following the conclusion of your detoxification programme, you will then proceed to benefit from counselling sessions. Whilst a detox may last for 4-5 days, the information you learn during counselling sessions will literally benefit you for a lifetime.

There does not exist a ‘cure’ for addiction, and you can only possibly hope to manage your addiction so that you do not relapse. Therapy and counselling sessions give you the techniques and mental strength that allow you to manage your addiction and avoid relapse.

Residential treatment requires that you live within the clinic for around twenty-eight days. Going to rehab is generally something you must embrace.

You will not lose your freedoms when you attend a rehab centre. For instance, the vast majority of rehab centres we recommend allow you to bring a mobile phone and laptop into the centre whilst you undergo your treatment.

This means you are not ‘cut off’ from life outside the rehab centre whilst you undergo your programme.

During your time at a rehab clinic, you will benefit from an assortment of therapy techniques. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, 12-step work and an array of holistic and complementary therapies.

These techniques teach you how to cope with stress and allow you to understand yourself and your experiences in new positive ways.

Following the completion of residential treatment, a programme of aftercare will kick in. Aftercare sessions help you remain in recovery and ensure you do not ‘stray away’ back into old destructive habits.

You typically attend aftercare sessions at the same facility where your residential programme took place. Aftercare also incorporates an element of family therapy if necessary.

Benefit from our help today

To discover how we may assist you in seeking out appropriate addiction treatment in Lambeth and across London, contact us today on 0800 140 4690.

We will assess your individual needs and then proceed to recommend treatment options based on these needs. This approach will assist you in achieving your long term recovery goals.

Locations we serve in London include WandsworthMertonHarrowSouthwarkLewishamGreenwichHounslowLambethCroydonEnfieldEalingIslingtonHaveringCamdenWestminsterHillingdonRedbridgeHackneyNewhamBromleyBarnetChelsea and KensingtonKingston-Upon-Thames, and Notting Hill.

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