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At Rehab 4 Addiction, we offer a free helpline to assist you in selecting drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Lincoln. Below, we shall offer you a complete overview of the rehab process, and this information will serve you in selecting drug and alcohol rehabs in Lincoln.

Addiction is not a choice but an illness. Overcoming the illness of addiction is complicated, and professional rehab treatment is usually required. Rehab begins with a detox procedure. This is then followed by intensive therapy and aftercare.

All parts of UK are affected by the illness of addiction, including Lincoln. Fortunately, Lincoln is home to a variety of addiction treatment providers to take care of this problem.

Do you wish to stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs for good? All rehabs we recommend offer an abstinence approach to addiction treatment. This means you will be given the cognitive tools to resist the urge to drink alcohol or take drugs for the rest of your life.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we have built up relationships with all rehab providers in Lincoln. In order to determine which rehab is suited to your needs, we offer you an assessment over the telephone.

Although we do not directly offer rehab services, we do instead offer a free referral service. This helps to ensure you are matched up with rehab clinics in Lincoln based on your precise needs.

Searching for suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Lincoln is both energy-draining and confusing. Instead of attempting to research rehab clinics yourself, allow our advisors to locate rehabs in your local area that’s chosen based on our expertise.

Overcoming the denial urge

Most people suffering from addiction will not seek out help due to denial. Others may believe they are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but they are nevertheless able to function. It’s also true that many people will not seek out help for addiction until they have hit rock bottom.

If you feel you are being less than honest with yourself about your addiction, or if you feel you may be addicted, but you can nevertheless cope with this illness, then know that by not seeking out professional help, your situation will continue to spiral out of control to the point where it may simply be too late to reverse the damage inflicted by your addiction.

If you feel you cannot overcome denial alone, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690, and we shall apply a clinically proven assessment that’s used for diagnosing addiction.

Undergoing this assessment will help to convince you of the need to undertake drug and alcohol rehab in Lincoln.

Rehab 4 Addiction exists as a link between people requiring drug and alcohol rehab and the rehab clinics themselves. So that we may assist in locating a suitable rehab clinics, we will gather relevant facts about your addiction.

We typically recommend between 3-4 drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Lincoln based on this information that’s gathered during the assessment. Our advisors will then allow you to research these rehab clinics yourself, with the option to visit each rehab clinic in person before your treatment begins. Throughout this process, our advisors will be available to you in order to answer any queries you may have about the process.

Which factors do we consider when recommending rehab clinics in Lincoln?

In order to determine which rehab clinics are suitable for your needs, we first determine the severity of your addiction. If you are suffering from a chronic addiction requiring a medically assisted detox, we generally do not recommend outpatient treatment.

Instead, we recommend residential rehab due to the extensive care you will receive during your detox.

We also determine how long you have been abusing your substance of choice and the type of substance you are abusing. Some rehabs specialise in treating alcohol, whilst others specialise in treating illicit drug addiction. Thus, the type of substance you are abusing plays a major role when recommending suitable rehab in Lincoln.

When recommending rehabs in Lincoln, we shall also ask about any physical or mental health problems you are suffering from, your budget for rehab and any possible family or work commitments which may clash with your rehab schedule.

What types of rehab clinics exist in Lincoln?

Lincoln is home to a variety of rehab providers run and managed by the NHS, private companies and charities. You will be able to access NHS or council-funded rehab clinics by making an application for funding via your local drug and alcohol action team.

However, there is no guarantee that this application will be successful, and it is also likely that you will need to wait many months before any decision is made either for or against your favour.

Undoubtedly, the fast route into a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Lincoln is to undertake treatment with a private rehab provider. Private rehab isn’t free, but we are able to recommend rehab that’s highly affordable and within most people’s reach.

Whilst going to rehab is likely to cost a few thousand pounds for a 28-day programme, you will also benefit from a 12-month aftercare programme.

We feel it’s fair to say that private rehab clinics in Lincoln offer good value for money, particularly since they are offering you a lifetime of recovery in exchange for this small investment.

To learn about suitable rehabs, whether private, charity or NHS-funded, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Lincolnshire, including Boston, Skegness, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Grimsby, and Grantham.

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