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Getting help in Cornwall

Do you seek drug or alcohol treatment in Cornwall? Are you unsure where to turn? If so, you are in luck? Why? Because Cornwall offers some of the best treatment facilities in the United Kingdom for people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. However, you may be slightly challenged when it comes to choosing the most suitable treatment provider in Cornwall due to the abundance of options available to you. Fortunately, Rehab 4 Addiction is on hand to help you locate and select the best possible treatment provider in Cornwall.

How we can assist

Essential, when you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we carry out a short but important assessment. This assessment allows us to ‘tick boxes’ and match up to a handful of treatment clinics in Cornwall. Sometimes, we may only recommend one or two treatment clinics, depending on the circumstances.

If you are acutely addicted to drugs or alcohol, we typically recommend that you seek treatment at a residential treatment provider. Here, you will benefit from an in-house clinic team of psychiatrists, nurses and support staff. This is particularly advantageous whilst you tackle the detoxification portion of your treatment. Here, you may experience a range of withdrawal symptoms that could potentially be fatal if not correctly monitored. You will also be given drugs designed to counteract withdrawal symptoms.

What happens during rehab?

During your time at a Cornwall treatment clinic, you will also receive counselling and therapy sessions. These sessions aim to defeat the emotional causes of addiction. You will also be introduced to the 12-step model. This model is typically taught at local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

If you are worried about your drinking or drug use, you may struggle to admit to the fact that you have developed an addiction. When you come to terms with your addiction, it’s likely you will store up many negative emotions such as self-blame, regret and even self-hate. It’s likely you will blame yourself for all the negative incidents that have happened to you in the past.

Therapy aims to address these negative emotions. Essentially, therapy attempts to re-programme your thinking so that you realise you are not a bad person. Therapy also gives you the power to recognise that many negative incidents in your past were probably outside of your control.

Therapy thus attempts to give you the ability to channel and offload negative emotions so you can at last begin to enjoy your life without the chains of prior traumatic incidents and events. To achieve this aim, you must be willing to commit around 28 days of your time into your residential rehab programme. This is roughly the amount of time it takes to fully explore mental issues and arm you with the necessary mental strength you will require to avoid relapse.

What happens after rehab?

When the time to leave the treatment clinic you will also begin to benefit from structured aftercare. Aftercare plans usually run for around 12-months following the completion of your residential programme. If you pay for treatment privately, the costs associated with aftercare are usually included in the overall cost of treatment. This means you are not required to pay anything extra in order to access aftercare services.

Getting help today

To access drug or alcohol treatment in Cornwall, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690. Alternatively, contact us through this website. When you contact our free helpline, we will discuss your various options in Cornwall. We shall not recommend treatment clinics until the assessment is completed. This allows us the ability to recommend the best-suited treatment clinics in Cornwall.


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