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Admitting to yourself you may be an ‘addict’ is undoubtedly painful. However, overcoming denial is an essential first step that’s needed for long-term recovery. In fact, many people are simply unable to stop using drugs or alcohol because they are unable to accept that they have a problem in the first place.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, our mission is two-fold. Firstly, we offer a free telephone assessment. This assessment allows us to determine the severity of your addiction. Our advisors are trained in helping you overcome any feelings of denial.

Many of our advisors are themselves in recovery. Secondly, we aim to assist you in selecting a suitable addiction treatment provider in Gloucester.

Gloucester and the wider South West region is saturated with residential and outpatient treatment providers, so the risk of choosing a poorly suited treatment provider is very real indeed.

Why go to rehab in Gloucester?

Many of the rehab clinics we recommend in Gloucester offer treatment at beautiful locations. Gloucester is well known for its countryside and many rehab clinics purposefully were established in Gloucester to take advantage of this fact.

When you are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, it’s always beneficial to do so in an environment where you have access to fresh air and natural beauty. When it comes to this, Gloucester clearly is at a distinct advantage compared to other counties located throughout the United Kingdom.

Since many drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Gloucester offer treatment in rural settings, many also offer holistic therapies that are compatible with nature. This includes outdoor activity, art therapy and equine therapy to name but a few.

When you are exposed to the outdoors, you are allowed to renew and reconnect with nature. This will be particularly useful if you are accustomed to an urban and stressful lifestyle that’s likely serving to encourage you to turn to drugs and alcohol.

Facilities on offer at rehab in Gloucester

The rehab clinics we recommend in Gloucester offer accommodation for up to 35 clients at one time. Many offer ensuite bedrooms and executive suites. All are fitted with large beds and ensuite bathrooms for maximum comfort and privacy.

Many rooms have the benefit of a lush panoramic view of the serene Gloucester countryside.

A list of some facilities you will benefit from include:

  • Infra-red saunas
  • 40+ acres of land to explore
  • A jacuzzi hot tub
  • Many lakes for swimming, kayaking and fishing
  • On-site gym
  • Quality nutritious meals served by an in-house chef and kitchen staff

In addition to the above, you will also benefit from custom-therapy. All recovery plans are tailored to your precise needs for maximum long-term benefit. Once your treatment is concluded, you will then gain access to an excellent aftercare programme.

This ensures your recovery is continuously assisted once residential treatment has concluded.

Your recovery journey is really only just about to begin once rehab concludes, and you will require ongoing support, particularly during those initial critical months when relapse is most likely to strike.

Specialist addiction treatments on offer in Gloucester

Whilst undertaking rehab treatment in a natural and rural setting is beneficial, what’s equally important is the quality of treatment you receive during therapy sessions. Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Gloucester have invested heavily in the variety and quality of treatments on offer.

You will begin your treatment with either a drug or alcohol detox. All detoxes are carried out in accordance with NICE guidelines, and rehabs are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.  You will also have access to the local NHS facilities if complications arise whilst you detox requiring hospitalisation

Modern therapies are mixed with the traditional 12-step programme for maximum effectiveness in helping you rid yourself of your addiction for good.

Some of these specialist therapists on offer at drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Gloucester include:

How to choose a centre in Gloucester

Since 1999 our partner drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Gloucester have continuously improved their offerings so that they may better serve your needs.

Before your treatment begins, you will be assigned to a caseworker. This person will help to ensure your recovery goals are being met during your stay at a Gloucester drug and alcohol rehab clinic. You will also work closely with this person during aftercare sessions. These aftercare sessions commence once your residential rehab programme concludes.

Aftercare takes places at the same location where you underwent residential addiction treatment. You will also be encouraged to attend local Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Many people in Gloucester who are battling with drug or alcohol addiction, a suitable course of action is to attend an inpatient rehab clinic. Gloucester has a good mix of private and charity run rehab clinics.

The key benefit of attending a private clinic is the speed at which your admission will take place. Applying for publicly funded drug or alcohol rehab in Gloucester takes time, and unfortunately, not everybody will be successful in receiving state funding.

In contrast, private rehab clinics allow you to access their services without a prolonged application process. You may access the services of a private rehab clinic within hours rather than months.

For this reason, many people do elect to self-fund their own treatment. When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we can recommend private rehab treatments that are right for your needs and affordable.

How long does rehab last for?

Many of the clinics we recommend in Gloucester offer four-week long rehab programmes. Many of these rehabs argue that it’s less effective to attend rehab for a week or two because therapy sessions are not able to treat the underlying mental causes of addiction over such a brief period.

From our experience, we typically recommend you remain in a rehab clinic for 28-days. Lasting recovery requires a lifetime commitment, so committing 28 days to your recovery is a clear signal that you are taking your recovery seriously. Your home environment will serve as a constant relapse trigger.

In order to loosen these addiction triggers and build up the mental might to overcome urges, you must remove yourself from your using environment for at least four weeks. If you understand a one-or-two-week rehab programme, there is much more of a relapse risk when you return home.

A relapse will typically mean you must restart rehab all over again. We urge you to avoid this situation by investing ample amounts of time in rehab the first time around.

It’s also worth noting that specialist addiction treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy must be given enough time to take effect in helping defeat your addiction.

When it comes to therapy, alas there is no magic wand that is able to ‘cure’ you of your addiction. However, specialist therapies applied vigorously over a four-week programme have proven to be a highly effective means of treating addiction and in helping you establish your long-term recovery.

If you suffer from severe mental health issues or if you have relapsed on many occasions, it’s possible you may be better off attending a long-term rehab facility. These facilities help you to change your behaviour so that you may stop using drugs and alcohol for good.

Typically, you must apply for Government funding for long-term rehab, and you will also be expected to contribute to the community in which you will be living in during this time. This could include working on an on-site farm or cooking and cleaning.

Some short-term rehab providers in Gloucester also offer longer-term programmes. Contact us today to learn more about attending a long-term rehab in Gloucester.

What happens at rehab in Gloucester?

  • Medically assisted detox programme: If you are addicted to alcohol or opiates, a medically assisted detox is essential. Each year, thousands of people die unnecessarily because they undergo a detox without medical assistance. For instance, an alcohol detox may cause you to experience a range of deathly withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include a seizure, cardiac arrest, and a stroke. Fortunately, when you undergo a detox from the safety of an alcohol or drug rehab centre, you will be given powerful medications that all but avoid the risk of you suffering from deadly withdrawal symptoms.
  • Therapy sessions: These therapy sessions allow you to address the underlying mental causes of addiction. These causes may be due to co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Many people who experience addiction may also have suffered a traumatic experience in the past. Therapy sessions aim to help you manage and alleviate negative emotions in healthy ways that do not involve substance misuse
  • Full psychiatric assessment: The psychiatrist will assess your physical and mental health. Following this assessment, a fully personalised detox and rehab programme are then compiled. This plan will then be passed on to your assigned key worker for implementation over the course of the next 3-4 weeks.

How may I find out more?

To find out more how Rehab 4 Addiction can assist you in selecting effective drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, contact us today on 0800 140 4690. Rehab 4 Addiction offers effective addiction treatment across the South West region. We look forward to helping you or your loved one today.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Gloucestershire, including Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and Tewkesbury.

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