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Those people in King’s Lynn who need drug rehabilitation will find that there are a number of options open to them. It is important that whatever path the individual takes they will have the necessary skills to deal with the problems that are likely to be ahead. This not only means being able to deal with the bad times but also the good times.

One of the potential difficulties that people from King’s Lynn may be forced to face is pink cloud syndrome. This is where the individual is feeling so good that it can put their recovery at risk.

The Truth About Pink Cloud Syndrome

It is important to make clear at the outset that nobody is saying here that it is bad to feel happy in recovery. In fact, this is the reason why people will break away from addiction and drugs in the first place – they want to get more out of life.

The problem with the pink cloud is not that the person is very happy, but that this can cause them to react in certain ways.

The difficulties occur when:

  • The individual can feel so good as a result of the pink cloud that they begin to wonder if they might be cured. They may even test the waters by returning to alcohol or drug abuse
  • People who fall into addiction will use these substances to drown their sorrows and make their happy days even better. When the individual is on a pink cloud they may wonder if alcohol and drugs would make the effect even better
  • When people come down from the pink cloud (which they always do) there can be a real sense of disillusionment. The individual may then decide that recovery is not for them and use it as an excuse to relapse

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