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No matter what substances an individual has a tendency to abuse, drug and alcohol addiction is an affliction that destroys the lives of people up and down the country.

Finding appropriate drug and alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes that work can be difficult. However, Rehab 4 Addiction specialises in planning and delivering drug and alcohol treatment in Milton Keynes that works.

We understand the problems that accompany drug and alcohol addiction. Our dedicated team provide expert support and planning that gets to the root of the addiction.

To book into a Milton Keynes-based drug or alcohol rehab, call us today on 0800 140 4690.

Drug and alcohol rehab providers in Milton Keynes

Rehab 4 Addiction utilises a network of tried and tested treatment providers, rehab centres and addiction specialists throughout Milton Keynes to provide an unrivalled level of care to recovering addicts.

We strive to deliver a quality service that prioritises the well-being of each individual client, using only the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques to instil change.

Whether an individual is struggling to overcome a long-term addiction, or they are seeking to take preventative action to stop an emerging drug and alcohol problem in its tracks, Rehab 4 Addiction is Milton Keynes’ proven drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialist.

Rebuilding lives across Milton Keynes

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we seek to achieve lasting abstinence from alcohol and drugs with every single client we work with. We take the time to understand the individuals we work with, formulating a treatment plan that considers all aspects of their addiction and lifestyle.

Our thorough assessment process gives us all the information we need to devise an approach that gives each client the best possible chance of addressing their addiction issues.

Rehab in Milton Keynes has many effective options. Those who can manage their addiction whilst maintaining employment or child care may be more suited to a more flexible approach to recovery that can fit around existing commitments, but in our experience, the best results are achieved within residential rehabilitation centres.

Rehab clinics we recommend in Milton Keynes

We only enlist the most comfortable, well established residential rehab centres in Milton Keynes. We firmly believe that the environment in which you address your addiction is key to the recovery process.

Similarly, we only work with treatment providers who offer supportive and varied approaches to addiction, meaning we can deliver a service that maximises the chances of full recovery and long-term abstinence from substance abuse.

Our aftercare service enables clients to rest assured that they will be supported for as long as necessary as they acclimatise to a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. The transition back to a productive lifestyle tends to be much less difficult when you know support is just around the corner.

Getting to grips with the scale of this problem

Around one in three people in Milton Keynes drink above the nationally recommended alcohol guidelines. This means many people are drinking hazardous amounts of alcohol. Often, many of these people continue to drink large amounts of alcohol without fully realising the various health risks involved.

Unfortunately, many of these people drink large amounts of alcohol due to their lifestyles. If you work in a stressful environment, you probably drink to ‘self-medicate’ and forget about life’s worries.

This ‘social’ drinking many develop into alcoholism. Alcoholism is a major cause of the family breakdown, job loss and even death.

Ways we can help in Milton Keynes

If you are concerned about your drinking, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today to discover how we are able to assist you in Milton Keynes.

Although we do not directly provide alcoholism treatment, we exist to help you better understand the various treatment options that are available to you in Milton Keynes.

The service we provide is diagnostic in nature. This means we carry out a free telephone assessment so we can gain a better understanding of the issues you are facing regarding your drinking or drug use.

We then use this information to help you locate and attend the best-suited alcoholism treatment centre in Milton Keynes.

In Milton Keynes, you have access to a range of residential treatment options. This includes quasi-residential and full residential rehabilitation. All clinics cater to a small number of clients.

This ensures you receive a maximum amount of care and attention throughout this period. You will receive an adequate amount of care and attention no matter what the time of day or night maybe.

Providing a desirable rehab experience

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe ‘going to rehab’ should be an overwhelmingly positive experience. If you imagine a rehab, you may conjure up images of a 1970s era penitentiary. However, modern rehabilitation facilities in Milton Keynes could not be further removed from this image.

When you stay at a modern rehab in Milton Keynes, you will benefit from lush interior, comfortable surroundings and welcoming staff. Our partner rehab centres in Milton Keynes have come a long way since the 1970s.

In fact, attending a modern rehab facility is more akin to staying at a four-star hotel than a medical facility.

However, the quality of the facilities is only of minor importance. Of much greater importance is the quality of treatment on offer. After all, if it’s a holiday you are after, you would be better advised to check in to your local Hilton.

The therapy we provide in Milton Keynes

Whilst our partner rehab centres in Milton Keynes do provide a luxurious rehab experience, the true strength of their offerings lie in the quality of therapy and counselling made available to you. Therapy includes one-to-one counselling, group work and a range of ‘holistic therapies’.

You will benefit from 12 step work, anger management, relapse prevention, art therapy, reflection exercises and CBT. Together, these therapy sessions arm you for ‘life in recovery’ in the outside world following the completion of your rehabilitation programme.

You will also benefit from a range of ‘complementary’ therapies. These include gardening, massage, music therapy, reiki, meditation and mindfulness. All treatments are delivered by subject-matter experts and recognised professionals. Many of these therapists have chosen to specify the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

Addictions we treat

In Milton Keynes, we are able to assist you for a variety of different addictions. This includes addiction to alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, methadone, prescription drugs and gambling addiction.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe addiction is a ‘disease of the mind’. We thus believe the substance or behaviour you are addicted to is somewhat irrelevant. We also provide treatment options for people who suffer from eating disorders and co-dependency.

Contact Rehab 4 Addiction today

Whilst the majority of private rehab clinics in Milton Keynes require you to pay for your treatment privately, you may be able to seek out free or subsidised treatment. However, seeking out a statutory referral is typically lengthy.

Unfortunately, many people will not qualify for statutory funding. This is particularly the case if you do not suffer from any underlying or serious mental health problems.

For more information on our Milton Keynes based drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation services, call a member of our team FREE on 0800 140 4690 today.

Alternatively, get in touch via the contact page and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible. Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Buckingham, Aylesbury and Amersham.

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