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Rehab 4 Addiction helps you make sense of addiction treatment options in Shropshire. Over the last decade, we’ve built up a reputable addiction helpline.

We essentially inform you of the various treatment options available to you in Shropshire. This helps you make an informed decision when seeking addiction treatment.

Before we recommend any particular clinic, we fully assess your needs and current situation. Once this assessment is completed, we will be better placed in making the correct treatment recommendations in Shropshire on your behalf.

Our overall goal is to support you in your quest to defeat your addiction to drugs and alcohol and attain your abstinence goal. By far the most productive and efficient form of treatment is residential rehabilitation.

This form of treatment requires you to ‘getaway’ from your normal environment for around 10-28 days. Generally, the longer you spend in a residential treatment centre, the greater your chances of remaining in recovery without experiencing a relapse.

Initial assessment procedure

Before you enter a rehab centre, you will complete an initial assessment. This assessment is followed by a more in-depth and in-person physical and mental assessment when you arrive to begin your treatment.

During your in-person assessment, a psychiatrist will determine the severity of your addiction, and any possible treatment efforts you have completed in the past.

This assessment ensures your detoxification and rehabilitation programme is unique and factors in any special requirements you may have.

Your entire treatment programme will be fully tailored to your needs. This includes any special mental or physical issues you may face. This tailored approach to addiction recovery vastly increases the probability of you succeeding in your long-term recovery efforts.

About the rehab facilities in Shropshire

The rehab in Shropshire is located in an out-of-town location in rural settings. Here, you may enjoy the country-side setting. Each bedroom is single occupancy, with en-suite bathroom facilities. An executive room is available at an additional cost.

The rehab is equipped with an on-site gymnasium and swimming pool, a conservatory and a living room/dining area. Each room is decorated to a high standard. The rehab also has access to a significant amount of land and garden area. You also gain Wi-Fi access across the rehab estate.

About the detoxification process

When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, your brain undergoes certain chemical changes. These changes involve the alteration in neurotransmitters.

When you attempt to detox, these chemicals will attempt to ‘revert’ back to normal levels. However, this sudden shift in neurotransmitter behaviour causes a number of ‘withdrawal symptoms’.

These symptoms typically include nausea, tremors, cravings and insomnia.

Fortunately, you will be given medication that allows you to tackle the detox process without suffering from these withdrawal symptoms.

The precise medication you will be given will vary according to the nature of your current addiction. When you are under the influence of ant-withdrawal medications, you will receive 24/7 attention from the treatment centre’s clinical team.

Mending emotional scars

Another vital component of addiction treatment involves mending the emotional causes of drug and alcohol addiction. This is achieved through the strategic implementation of group and one-to-one therapy sessions.

Group therapy involves informal group exercises. You will be given a platform to discuss your issues openly with other people who understand what you are going through.

You will also be able to listen to other people’s issues, and this will give you the opportunity to learn from what these people have to say about their own experiences with drug or alcohol addiction.

Another type of therapy is one-to-one therapy sessions. This is far more private and intimate when compared to group therapy sessions explained above. Here, you will discuss your emotional issues privately with a trained counsellor.

During your time at a residential treatment clinic, you will take part in daily one-to-one therapy sessions to help ensure your emotional problems are sufficiently treated before the conclusion of your therapy.

The majority of treatment clinics in Shropshire also offer you a range of holistic therapies. These therapies allow you to fully relax and rehabilitate.

This includes art therapy, music therapy, Reiki, massage, reflexology and more. Holistic therapy is now well-established amongst most well-rated rehabilitation clinics due to the effectiveness of this variety of treatment.

Aftercare and ongoing support

To help you adapt to ‘life in recovery’, rehabs we recommend in Shropshire all offer an extended aftercare provision. This allows you to return to the rehab clinic for ‘top-up’ groups or one-to-one therapy sessions throughout the year following the completion of residential treatment.

Aftercare sessions allow you to continue to strengthen and continuously re-energise your motivation to live your life without drugs and alcohol. Aftercare sessions typically take place at the same facility where you underwent residential treatment.

Getting help now

To enquire about the various drug and alcohol treatment options in Shropshire, contact us today on 0800 140 4690.

We shall conduct a short but important assessment when you call. Following the completion of this assessment, we will then outline your treatment options in Shropshire.

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a variety of drug and alcohol rehabs in the West Midlands, including Warwickshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Birmingham.

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