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It is usually a big step for substance abusers to agree to enter drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. It may have taken a great deal of suffering before they have reached the point where they are willing to consider this option.

It is therefore vital that the person gets the most out of this experience. Those individuals in South Shields, who are about to enter some type of recovery programme will need to be aware of the importance of their own attitude in the process.

If they have the wrong type of attitude it will prevent them from getting the most out of the experience.

Right Attitude in Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centres

The worst type of attitude that people can take with them into these rehabs is referred to as stinking thinking. It would include things like:

  • Being overly negative about things
  • Being cynical about the different treatment options
  • Pessimism about the future. The individual may believe that no matter what they do life is going to turn out badly for them so why bother
  • Learned helplessness where the individual expects everyone else to sort out their life for them
  • Closed-mindedness and a refusal to consider new ideas
  • Highly judgmental attitude

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