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Drug and alcohol addiction devastates the lives of man individual users and their families. Knowing where to reach out for help can be one of the most daunting aspects of tackling addiction.

Whether dependant on illicit substances such as heroin and cocaine, or any number of prescription medications, the impact cannot be underestimated.

Rehab 4 Addiction is Wirral’s leading drug and alcohol rehab specialists. We have developed an unrivalled service that provides effective drug and alcohol treatment at the most affordable price possible.

We understand the issues that face recovering drug and alcohol users and use our experience to match clients to a suitable Wirral based rehab centre for them.

Our track record for success is unrivalled and we are confident in our ability to help you overcome addiction, regardless of the extent or length of your drug and alcohol problem.

Wirral’s leading rehab provider

Rehab 4 Addiction has forged extremely strong working relationships with all the leading rehab centres in Wirral. Each and every client we work with can rest assured that the service we deliver is second to none.

Whether dealing with long-term addiction, an emerging drug and alcohol problem or a pattern of binge abuse, we treat all our clients with respect and dignity.

We firmly believe that one approach cannot be used across the board, so we treat each individual as an individual. This is underpinned by our initial personal assessment, which we use to gather information specific to your needs.

By creating a bespoke snapshot of your personal situation, goals and commitments, we can formulate a recovery plan that fits. It is this tailor-made approach that maximises your chances of achieving and maintaining long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Comfortable rehab in Wirral

The nature of your addiction will often dictate the treatment path you follow. However, the vast majority of our successful clients achieve the desired results via residential rehabilitation.

The immersive nature of residential rehab in Wirral enable addiction to be challenged from all angles. The comfortable, supportive environment removes temptation and enables a manageable, yet the hard-hitting approach to overcoming addiction.

Should your personal situation prohibits such thorough intervention, Rehab 4 Addiction also offer a range of alternative treatment plans that reflect the nature of your addiction, the depth of issues surrounding it, and your budget.

Whether a two-week detox programme or a pattern of flexible support sessions with an addiction specialist, we can find the solution.

All our Wirral rehab interventions have the option of extremely robust aftercare service. This enables a gradual move towards independence that still ensures you are supported every step of the way.

Contact Rehab 4 Addiction today

For more information on our Wirral-based drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation services, call a member of our team FREE on 0800 140 4690 today.

Alternatively, get in touch via the contact page and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible. Rehab 4 Addiction offers a variety of addiction treatments across Merseyside in Liverpool, Wirral, St Helens, Southport and Birkenhead.

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