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Getting help in Bradford

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we offer you an unrivalled network of inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment options in Bradford. This consists of both private and statutory services. We tailor treatment options to suit your particular needs, tastes and preferences.

When you contact us on 0800 140 4690, we provide you with a complete overview of your various addiction treatment options in Bradford.

Why we recommend residential treatment

If you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, we generally recommend you undertake treatment at a residential provider. Why? Because residential treatment allows you to detox without the risk of suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms.

Generally, we don’t advise you undergo a detox programme from home. When you choose to undergo a detox programme from home, you will not benefit from essential medical supervision. This means life-threatening withdrawal symptoms may go unchecked. This could have potentially fatal consequences.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe you will have the best possible chance of achieving your long-term recovery goals if you agree to attend a residential treatment provider. Here, you will benefit from an intense programme of therapy.

Therapy is designed to help you overcome the emotional impact of drug and alcohol addiction. You will also benefit from workshops that seek to educate you on the science of addiction. This knowledge helps you to avoid relapse and stay drug and alcohol-free for the rest of your life.

Outpatient treatment in Bradford

We also advise you on a number of excellent outpatient therapy and counselling options. Outpatient treatment is most successful when combined with residential treatment. Outpatient treatment provides you with an essential security blanket following the completion of residential treatment.

The majority of residential providers in our network offer outpatient treatment as part of their overall rehabilitation programme. This means you will not be required to pay anything extra in order to access essential aftercare sessions following the completion of your residential treatment.

How we can help by assessing your needs

We assist people who suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, mental health problems, dual diagnosis and co-dependency. We also cater for people seeking out family therapy in Bradford.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, you will be connected to our assessment team. We carry out a standard assessment so we may gauge your precise needs. The information you provide during this assessment will be processed confidentially. We will not pass your details onto our partner treatment providers in Bradford without first seeking your express permission.

Aftercare support in Bradford

When your addiction treatment concludes, you can also expect to receive ongoing support on an outpatient basis. Reintegrating into sober living is generally marred with the risk of relapse. To help you avoid relapse, you will benefit from a year-long aftercare programme. This programme gives you access to one-to-one and group counselling sessions on an ongoing basis.

We also encourage to sign up to and attend a local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous session taking place in Bradford. This is known as a ‘mutual support’ group. You will benefit from making contact with an addiction ‘sponsor’. This person will assist your early recovery and help you avoid relapse. To access our free service, contact us today on 0800 140 4690.



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