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Getting help in Buckinghamshire

Are you a Buckinghamshire resident seeking fast and effective drug or alcohol addiction treatment? Are you utterly unsure how to seek help? Or perhaps you’ve exhausted NHS options with little to show for it? If so why not call Rehab 4 Addiction? Our trained counsellors answer each call meaning you receive expert but impartial addiction treatment advice from folk who’ve been in your position before. Below we outline effective drug and alcohol treatment options available in Buckinghamshire. If you prefer to speak directly with one of our counsellors call free on 0800 140 4690.

Home detox options in Buckinghamshire

Perhaps the least advisable treatment option in Buckinghamshire would be a DIY ‘home detox’. Here you detox from your own home, typically with the aid of prescription medications designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms. If you’re lucky you will have a loving family on hand to help you through this testing time. If you suffer from alcoholism or an opiate addiction, physical withdrawal symptoms make a home detox highly inadvisable due to the risk of coma and death. Many choosing to detox from home often relapse within the first 24-48 hours. This is because the motivation to succeed is reduced by the onset of painful withdrawal symptoms or through the exposure of certain ‘addiction triggers’.

Outpatient treatment in Buckinghamshire

Outpatient treatment is typically combined with a home detox. Here patients detox from home but receive therapy at a clinic during the day. Again many of these programmes result in early relapse because patients are not removed from the substance-misuse environment. Patients attending such a programme often refer to their treatment as ‘revolving-doors’ giving the persistent futility of their efforts to get clean once-and-for-all.

Residential treatment in Buckinghamshire

By far the superior addiction treatment option available in Buckinghamshire is fully residential treatment. Here patients are removed from their normal environment for the entire treatment’s duration. Patients live within the safe confines of the treatment centre, both during detox and during subsequent therapy sessions. This form of treatment is highly successful. Typically over 70% of patients receiving this form of treatment report being in recovery twelve months following the treatment’s conclusion. However residential treatment requires a higher investment both in terms of money and time. This investment is well worth the effort for those seeking a long-term and permanent solution to their addiction woes.

How residential treatment in Buckinghamshire works

Patients receiving residential rehab treatment in Buckinghamshire must be willing to leave their home for around ten days. Twenty-eight days is the ideal length of treatment, particularly when patients suffer from an underlying condition such as depression or anxiety. When patients enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Buckinghamshire, a psychiatrist carries out an initial assessment. Information gained in this assessment is used to draw up a personalised recovery plan.

Once patients complete the detox milestone a thorough and highly structured programme of therapy is put in place. Here patients attend counsellor-led sessions in either individual or group settings. Patients are expected to identify and tackle those thoughts and emotions giving rise to addictive tendencies. Patients are also invited to participate in a number of ‘holistic therapies’ designed to help patients deal with stress in ways other than resorting to alcohol or drug use.

Once drug and alcohol rehab in Buckinghamshire draws to a conclusion patients are prepared for life on the ‘outside’. This includes the drawing up of a detailed relapse prevention and aftercare plan. This plan helps patients stay in recovery for the long foreseeable future. To strength patients odds of staying in long-term recovery, a generous aftercare plan is offered. This typically allows patients to return to the treatment centre at least once a week for around twelve months following the completion of their rehabilitation programme.

About Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a helpline for those affected by addiction in Buckinghamshire. This includes the friends and family members of addicts. Click here to contact a counsellor for free, or call today on 0800 140 4690.


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