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Eastbourne is home to a number of lifesaving drug and alcohol rehab clinics. Many of these clinics were founded by inspiring individuals who beat addiction in their own past. By attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Eastbourne, you may really turn your life around in under 12-months.

To secure your recovery, you will need to actively work on your recovery for the rest of your life, however, drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Eastbourne will help you establish the required foundation that’s absolutely necessary for a lifetime of abstinence and recovery.

Rehab will focus on three primary outcomes: detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare. All outcomes are interlinked, and all aim to help you secure and then maintain your recovery.

Detox is the first stage of rehab. Before detox begins, you will be given medications that help you to manage withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detox is completed over a 7-day period, whilst an opiate detox may require 14-days to complete.

Helping you locate rehab in Eastbourne

Rehab 4 Addiction is a free helpline. Whilst we do not provide treatment directly, we do carry out a free assessment when you contact us on 0800 140 4690. This assessment allows us to recommend suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Eastbourne for your needs.

The drug and alcohol rehab process in Eastbourne

Going to rehab is an unfamiliar process for most. Below, we aim to inform you about what happens when your drug and alcohol rehab begins:

  • Initial assessment: Before rehab begins, you will be assessed in person by a doctor. This assessment will significantly influence the manner in which your detox and rehabilitation is conducted
  • Assignment to a key worker: A key worker is also an addiction counsellor. This person will have gained many relevant qualifications in treating people who suffer from addiction. This person will be your point of contact throughout your rehab programme
  • Detoxification: When you enter a drug and alcohol rehab programme, you will require medications to treat your withdrawal symptoms. The doctor who carries out the initial assessment will decide which medications to prescribe you with for your detox
  • Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is a period of readjustment, so you may familiarise yourself with sober living. During your rehabilitation, you will attend counselling and therapy sessions each day. The aim of these sessions is to help prepare you for a lifetime of recovery that awaits
  • Aftercare: Once you leave the rehab clinic, it’s highly unlikely that you will sustain your recovery without further assistance. This assistance is offered by way of aftercare sessions. You will typically be entitled to attend weekly aftercare sessions for a further 12-months once your residential rehab programme has concluded. The good news is that there are no extra charges for aftercare

Taking action today

To discover how Rehab 4 Addiction may assist in your search for highly effective drug and alcohol rehab in Eastbourne, contact us today on 0800 140 4690.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Sussex, including Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton.

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