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If you are living with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, it’s not easy to look yourself in the face and admit that you have a problem. Reflecting on your experiences with drugs and alcohol may cause significant pain and distress, and so it’s only natural that you will resist any temptation to put these experiences under the ‘spotlight’.

To make the process of seeking out help for addiction easy and straightforward, get in touch with Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

Rehab 4 Addiction is staffed by people who have fought drug and alcohol addiction in the past and won. This means we know what you are going through.

With Rehab 4 Addiction, seeking out help for your addiction could not be simpler. Rehab 4 Addiction offers addiction treatment across the West Midlands in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Solihull, Solihull, Walsall, West Bromwich and Dudley.

How we can help

When you contact us, we help you recognise the various signs of drug and alcohol addiction. We also practically and psychologically prepare you for treatment.

We inform you about the various treatment options that exist in the West Midlands and we then answer any questions you may have regarding these options.

Above all, we assist you in coming to terms with your addiction. We also help you defeat any negative thinking you may hold about yourself and the situation you have found yourself in.

Treatment options in Birmingham

Fortunately, there exists an abundance of treatment options in the West Midlands. This includes residential rehab and an assortment of ‘outpatient’ options. Outpatient treatment is generally conducted by a licenced therapist once or twice a week.

Rehab 4 Addiction advocates the abstinence model of recovery. This means you must be committed to the idea of never returning to drugs and alcohol. To return to drinking or drug use will threaten your entire existence, including your life and your relationships with loved ones.

You must be committed to the idea that you cannot control your drug or alcohol use, and that the only true way to control your addiction is to never take these substances ever again.

Over the last decade, alcoholism and drug addiction instances have increased in the West Midlands. Unfortunately, this has coincided with an overall reduction in state spending, particularly in the healthcare and social care sector.

Cuts in publicly-funded addiction treatment means many people have to rely on the private sector for drug and alcohol treatment. Many of these people assume private treatment is beyond their financial means. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we are here to tell you that this belief is wholly unfounded.

Fortunately, there exists addiction treatment in the West Midlands to suit most budgets. When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we will help you select treatment in the West Midlands that suit your needs and your budget.

By far the worst decision you could possibly make would be to take no action whatsoever.

This is because addiction to drugs and alcohol is a progressive disease, and taking no action will ensure your condition will slowly but steadily deteriorate. If your loved ones are voicing their concerns about your addiction, this is one sure sign that you need to take action.

Getting help for a loved one

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we also assist the loved ones of people suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Watching your loved one’s condition slowly deteriorate is highly disempowering.

However, we are here to coach you so that you may help your loved one navigate away from drug and alcohol addiction. We achieve this by offering you a free interventionist service throughout Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area.

You are able to contact us today free on 0800 140 4690. The service we provide is utterly confidential and free. Although many of the treatment options we recommend may involve a fee, we are also able to recommend free statutory and charity-run services in the West Midlands.

All information you provide is held with the strictest confidence. Information is not passed onto individual treatment providers without your express authority.

The need for an assisted detox programme

If you suffer from acute alcoholism or drug addiction, we generally recommend you undergo a medically assisted detoxification programme at a West Midlands treatment provider.

All the detoxification programmes we offer all take place on a residential basis. During your detox, all toxins are drained from your system.

If the addiction is physical in nature, you will be prescribed medications to help offset withdrawal symptoms.

Once your detoxification programme is completed, you will then benefit from a range of emotionally-healing therapies. These therapies help you tackle the emotions that caused you to become addicted to drugs and alcohol in the first place.

To book into a rehab clinic, contact our helpline today on 0800 140 4690.

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a variety of drug and alcohol rehabs in the West Midlands, including Warwickshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Birmingham.

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