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Do you remember your life without drugs and alcohol? Were you healthier and more optimistic about your future? Do you wish to return to this happier and healthier state of being? If you answered yes, then we urge you to take your time and read this information slowly and purposefully.

An overview of alcohol and drug rehab in Bedfordshire

At Rehab 4 Addiction we offer state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehab services in Bedfordshire designed to change your life for the better.

We believe every person suffering from an addiction should be given the opportunity to get better, and for this reason, we offer a range of addiction treatments in Bedfordshire to fit all budgets and tastes.

If you are left to your own devices without professional assistance, it’s highly likely your addiction will consume every last ounce of your energy and sanity.

Many people suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol in Bedfordshire continue to abuse their health simply because they are unaware of services that exist to help improve their situation for the better.

Below, we answer many frequently asked questions relating to both drug and alcohol rehab in Bedfordshire



Why should drug and alcohol rehab in Bedfordshire give me the confidence in my ability to succeed in recovery?

Thankfully, Rehab 4 Addiction is on hand to ensure you are not alone in your struggles against addiction. For over a decade, we’ve been successfully assisting people in Bedfordshire for a range of addictions.

We help you or your loved-one locate professional recovery services that are most suited to your needs and particular addiction.

Today there exist literally thousands of people up and down Britain who thank Rehab 4 Addiction for their very survival against the threat of addiction. Treatments we recommend for addiction are not the dry-as-dust institutional programmes you may imagine.

Instead, treatments we recommend are largely evolved from the real world of private therapeutic practice rather than the cold institutional ‘madhouses’ that existing in the 1970s and 1980s.

We advocate modern group and individual therapy techniques that are proven to reverse years of abuse at the hands of alcohol and drug addiction. These therapies are enriching, interesting and a delight to experience. Drug rehab and alcohol rehab in Bedfordshire will act as a springboard for your new drug and alcohol-free existence.

We fully cater to your ambition to remain abstinent for the remainder of your adult life thanks to our state-of-the-art detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare programmes.

By the time your programme concludes, you will be armed with optimism and a fresh perspective on life. This will replace your old pessimism and negativity. You will begin a new life where there exists no place for drug and alcohol use.

During your time in our care, you will meet our enlightened staff members and volunteers who have conquered their own personal battle with addiction and lived to tell the tale.

What type of rehab treatments are available in Bedfordshire?

Alcoholism and drug addiction are one of the most common addictions of the 21st century, and a variety of recovery methods exist. Treatment typically begins with an initial assessment of the individual’s condition – examining their history with alcohol and drugs, along with an assessment of their physiological and psychological needs.

Whichever the treatment method that is opted for, there are three general stages of recovery which span across the extensive range of programmes. These are detoxification, rehabilitation and abstinence.

Do I need to undergo a detox?

Modern rehabs in Bedfordshire offer evidence-based treatments. Medicated detox follows NICE Guidelines. These treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and modern psychotherapy.

The initial stages of recovery involve detoxifying the body of remaining alcohol and drugs. The discontinuation of drug and alcohol or drug consumption can stimulate a variety of side effects; including but not limited to nausea, sweating, shaking, hallucinations and seizures.

These can vary in intensity but will be closely monitored by facility staff. In severe cases, a series of replacement drugs may be employed to reduce the severity of symptoms.

What happens after detox?

The rehabilitation phase of treatment provides the patient with the tools, knowledge and skills to ensure a full recovery and a return to sobriety. Rehab can come in a variety of forms, including:

  • In-patient rehabilitation; this is one form of recovery from alcohol addiction as it ensures a full immersion into the recovery process, free from the distractions and obligations of daily life. In-patient rehab centres provide 24/7 care from a highly qualified support team; including experts in the field of addiction recovery
  • Outpatient rehabilitation in which a residential stay is not required. The patient follows a closely monitored treatment plan, designed to provide them with flexibility. The programme includes one to one sessions with a therapist (or other professional) and may include group work if specified
  • Day rehabilitation; a medium between the treatment options above. The recovering patient does not reside in the facility but follows a strict treatment plan whilst working around his/her schedule

How do I remain abstinent after rehab?

Abstinence is the end goal for alcohol and drug addiction – the last stage of the process. Abstinence involves the continued maintenance of sobriety and requires commitment following the end of rehab.

The key to maintaining sobriety is finding a network of support for your ongoing recovery. This can come from friends or family, or through external support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous.

Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is a daily task. Staying drink and drug-free is not easy when others around are drinking, and when life throws up its inevitable challenges.

The temptation is always there, perhaps more so than with other substance addictions. It all starts with a determined decision; a conviction that “today I will not have a drink”.

The journey begins with now. Now is all you can influence. Don’t worry about tomorrow. You can deal with tomorrow when that comes. Get the help you need and move forward with your life today.

How do I learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Bedfordshire?

Request our brochure today and examine our treatments in Bedfordshire in your own home at our expense! Your chance to defeat addiction and make your own mark in this world is literally only a telephone call away.

Have you the courage and tenacity to make this new start and to work out your own destiny in a way of your choosing?

Here is your chance to arm yourself for an abstinent and addiction-free future under the guidance of a highly dedicated team of therapists and counsellors, many of whom have dedicated their career to reversing the evils of drug and alcohol addiction.

To make this positive change in your life, contact Rehab 4 Addiction today by calling us on 0800 140 4690.

Alternatively, contact our admissions team by submitting our contact form through this website. Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Bedfordshire, including Luton, Peterborough, Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard.

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