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The mention of alcohol rehab to a substance abuser can be terrifying. Most alcoholics or drug users will have relied on their substance of choice to make them feel better for a long time. Alcohol and drugs are used to excite people or dull the senses so that they are numb to the situations that arise in the real world.

A substance abuser can become very upset and disorientated easily should something not go to plan. They cope with this by drinking or taking drugs.

Going to Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Burnley

For a substance abuser to make the decision to go to rehab, they must feel as though their lives are going nowhere and if they don’t get help soon, the worst could happen. This point in an addict’s life differs from person to person. For some people, seeing their loved ones upset because of their drug or alcohol abuse could be enough to get them to re-assess their lives.

Alternatively, some addicts may systematically lose the people they love, their jobs, their homes and everything that they once held dear to them. It could take something as drastic as an accidental overdose or suicide attempt to give them the wakeup call that they need to ask for help.

Denial is an Addict’s Best Friend

The main reason that addicts don’t want to go to rehab is that they tell themselves that there isn’t a problem. A part of them will know that this isn’t true because any action that has to be constantly lied about or defended is not good for someone. However, substance abusers are so adept at lying to people and denying their problem that they largely believe their own lies.

It takes a huge shock to the system for a substance abuser to admit to needing help. Up until that point, any help that is offered is effectively useless. An addict in denial will smile and go along with all suggestions to appease people. But the whole time, they are just telling themselves that they don’t need any help and everyone is mistaken. With a closed mind, rehabilitation cannot take place.

Choosing the right Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Burnley

Breaking an addiction is incredibly difficult. Once a person eventually comes round to the idea that they need help, they will often turn to a rehabilitation centre. Here they will go through detox. This is important if any progress is to be made with the rest of rehab.

Addicts need to have a clear mind and be free of the harmful toxins from alcohol and drugs. Only then will they be able to muster up the strength, will power and concentration needed to give up their addiction.

There are a number of different rehab clinics offering different programs. When choosing a clinic it is important to see what treatment methods they use. In the same way that each individual has a unique problem, the treatment most effective will need to be just as unique. Choosing the right clinic to go to is just as important as making the decision to go in the first place.

There are drug rehab clinics which offer the 12 step programmes, but the issue is these are often not specific enough to offer any real help to people. Its general help for general addiction treatment and this is no real help for alcoholics and substance abusers.

Programs must be tailored to each individual patient or the chances of defeating those addiction demons are reduced. Burnley rehab offers customised programs for patients.

Value of a Customised Rehab Programme

Rehab alcohol and drugs has to revolve around the patient. Generalised programs don’t work as each addiction is caused by an entirely different reason. Just because the symptoms happen to be the same doesn’t mean the reasons for those symptoms are the same.

Customised programs identify with the patient’s needs and desires. Not only does it increase the chances of success by ensuring each person is having their needs fulfilled, it gives them confidence. When somebody asks them what they think, they need they feel much better about themselves. When this happens, they know they are in a place where people listen to them.

Withdrawal Issues

All Burnley drug and alcohol rehab clinics will aim to offer a detoxification program to help wean people off of their addictions. This detoxification problem is purely about lifting the body away from these dangerous substances. Dealing with withdrawal symptoms can be the hardest part of the whole process, but with a combination of examination and medication people can make it through.

Close examination is important for ensuring the residents are safe and sound. Withdrawal symptoms can cause serious health complications, especially in the case of some addictions where the body will literally begin to shut down on itself.

Severe addictions, such as this one, would need special medications to act as a replacement for the drug of choice. Rehab can’t begin until the person is clean, or they won’t be able to concentrate fully on what’s going on.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Help for alcoholic and drug abusers come primarily in the form of rehabilitation. Counselling in private and group sessions will look to discover the root of the problem. But it’s not a matter of eliminating these issues. They can never be removed.

Each person will have to cope with them and accept them. Whatever happened to them happened, but through helping them move on the reason for their addiction is removed.

To help with this, a feeling of self-worth is offered through drug rehab clinics. Creative classes and giving people skills which they can use after they leave rehabilitation makes sure they never feel like they have to turn back to their old vices again. Aftercare programs also make these courses available after each person leaves residential rehab.

For the first few months after residential rehabilitation each person’s recovery is going to be extremely fragile. By offering the same support options as residential rehab they will be able to make it through until they can stand on their own feet without support. Hope can be found within the walls of Burnley’s rehabilitation clinics!

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