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23% of people in the West Midlands who drink alcohol consume over the recommended weekly limit.

Substance addiction is rife across the UK, and the most assured way of becoming sober is through accessing a drug and alcohol rehab near you.

Thankfully, Coventry is well equipped to handle any kind of addiction.

Interventions For Addiction

When alcohol or drug addiction hits a family, it is devastating.

Even where some family members initiate others into substance use, there are usually those in the fold who want their loved ones to quit.

Not understanding how to approach addiction can lead to friction and tension, despite the best intentions.

For some, a lack of boundaries can develop, or completely apathetic relationships might occur.

At some point after watching your loved one destroy themselves through drug or alcohol use, it’s common to feel helpless.

This is where interventions come in to empower you.

Traditionally, an intervention meant linking up with a professional to approach your loved one and discuss options.

head to head


Nowadays, the CRAFT approach helps thousands of people towards treatment.

Family members learn techniques that positively encourage their loved one towards healthier behaviours through compassionate interaction.

Realising You Have An Addiction

Many people who are addicted don’t know how to recognise this.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself that make this clear.

  • When people comment on how you drink or take drugs, does it irritate you?
  • Do you experience guilt linked to your substance use?
  • Are there times you feel as though you should reduce or stop using?
  • Is it hard to face the day if you don’t have your drug of choice or alcohol in the house?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that you would benefit from entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry.

A call to the Rehab 4 Addiction team can guide you through all your local options.

Your Budget And Treatment Options

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There are various costs associated with going to rehab.

It really depends on the clinic that you access and the treatments you receive.

There are cheaper and higher cost establishments offering differing levels of luxury.

A stay at rehab will cost between £1000-£10,000 a week.

This covers specialist staff, a tailored programme, and a huge range of treatments, as well as food and a bedroom.

Of course, accessing outpatient services is different.

At a private clinic, outpatient services are usually only available to people who have initially stayed as a resident at that clinic.

Health Insurance And Rehab

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People who have private health insurance are likely to be able to claim for a residential stay through it.

You’ll need to check your policy and look at the fine print.

Bear in mind that if this insurance was gained through your place of employment, it’s likely that you’ll be under obligation to inform your employer of your addiction.

If you go through health care insurance that you have taken out yourself, it’s important to remember that your future premiums will be affected by the claim.

Isn’t Rehab Available Through The NHS?

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Occasionally, there is some availability for people to go to rehab through NHS funding.

It has to be acknowledged how limited this option is.

In order to be eligible, you need to demonstrate that you have actively been involved with drug and alcohol services doing everything you can to quit drugs and alcohol.

If you can provide evidence of this, you’re then invited to apply to your local council for the funding.

However, it’s at this point that you’ll be competing with everyone else in your county who is applying for that funding.

As you can imagine, there are many people seeking this funding, which means that plenty of people aren’t successful and there are long waiting lists.

Private Clinics: The Necessary Duration

rehab - outside photo of exterior building

It’s important that you stay for a long enough time a private rehab in Coventry to benefit.

After months or years of depending on a substance, your physical and psychological health will need thorough attention.

After so long abusing your body, it’s time to learn how to give it some TLC.

This can feel very alien to some.

Many people with addictions simply don’t know how to look after their health in a practical way.

It’s easy to say what is needed, but putting it into practice takes work and new understanding.

This is why people stay at clinics for around 4 weeks.

Some might stay longer where this is appropriate.

This offers the opportunity to really learn from each type of therapy and activity participated in.

How Is A Private Clinic Different To Government-Funded Services?


A private clinic offers the following:

Local government services offer:

Alcohol Detox And Rehab In Coventry

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The safest way to achieve sobriety if you have an alcohol problem is through detox.

After this, the best way to support yourself to remain sober is through staying at rehab for another 3-4 weeks in order to begin a supported recovery journey.

On entering rehab, you’ll have an assessment to ascertain how severe your addiction is and how it’s affecting your life.

Staff will decide then what treatments you need.

Diverse people in a supporting group session

The detox will include about a week’s worth of medication -usually a course of Librium- to support you through withdrawal.

You’ll be overseen by a doctor to ensure your safety.

Withdrawal symptoms for alcohol include:

  • Sweating.
  • Delirium tremens.
  • Confusion.
  • Sickness and diarrhoea.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Seizures.

Once you’re through the detox, you’ll begin therapies.

These will offer you new ways to think about life and how you approach it.

You’ll begin taking part in activities that support you to express your emotions safely.

Staff will help you understand yourself and your motivations, learning how to change your behaviours so that your future is sober and happy.

Rehab For Cocaine In Coventry

If your cocaine habit has taken over much of your life, it’s likely you’re experiencing a huge range of negative physical and mental health effects.

Cocaine is often used along with alcohol and these two substances together can lead to serious damage to the internal organs as toxins build up.

There’s an increased risk of heart and lung problems, as well as ongoing illnesses and diseases.

On top of this, people commonly become depressed, anxious, and suicidal when using this drug.

At rehab, you’ll begin to understand what’s happening in the brain that makes it so addictive.

Rehab introduces healthy behaviours to begin reshaping the brain away from the damage substances have caused.

This is the ultimate goal of cocaine rehab, helping you to lead a healthier life free from the destructive influence of cocaine.

Rehab For Cannabis In Coventry

Two people hugging

It’s not commonly known that people can go to rehab in Coventry to be treated for cannabis addiction.

It’s a substance that’s not often seen as dangerous.

However, like any psychoactive substance that directly impacts the chemical processes in the brain, there can be serious consequences.

Cannabis is especially inadvisable for people who have the predisposition for mental health problems.

Of course, it’s recognised that people with mental health problems often turn to cannabis to try and ease the symptoms.

Sadly, addiction to THC-heavy strains of cannabis can cause:

  • Loss of motivation
  • anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fluctuations in appetite
  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia

Cannabis is illegal in the UK.

At rehab, you’ll have counselling where you explore your feelings around use and life in general.

There will be activities that introduce ways of relaxing the mind and body – this supports you to have healthier resources ready when cravings hit.

Rehab For Heroin In Coventry

46% of drug-related deaths in the UK are linked to heroin.

Heroin addiction is incredibly dangerous in terms of how it can cause overdose but also in relation to long-term health effects.

The most effective way to become sober is through entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry.

Withdrawal symptoms from heroin include:

  • Shaking and sweating
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Bone and muscle pain

Diverse people in a support group

At rehab, you’ll be treated for your dependency through a 7-10 day heroin detox.

A doctor will ensure you’re safe and manage withdrawal through prescribing medication such as Subutex.

After detox, it’s then time to begin psychological and emotional healing.

You’ll explore various activities with an aim of offering new interests and hobbies to begin which are both nurturing and bring new meaning.

You’ll develop a plan to support you around relapses to ensure you’re as safe as possible when you leave the clinic.

What’s On A Tailored Treatment Programme?

Group therapy - hands in air

There are many goals that you’ll aim for when you take part in rehab activities.

You’ll start to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and skills to support you in remaining sober.

At a drug and alcohol rehab in Coventry your holistic programme will include much of the following:

  • Motivational interviewing where a worker will lead you through conversation with the aim of helping you to feel stronger in your goals to quit and create a healthy life.
  • Group therapy such as 12 Step or SMART sessions. These offer connection to others, support through mutual understanding, and practical tips to keep you focused.
  • Music and art therapy to give you a creative outlet. This is a freeing space where you communicate by alternative means.

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Addiction And Mental Health Conditions

head to head

At private drug and alcohol rehabs in the Coventry area, it’s recognised that addiction and mental health often present together.

People often self-medicate with substances when they have mental health conditions, including:

Of course, when this happens a lot, addictions form.

When a person starts with an addiction, the substance creates imbalances in the body affecting the mind and emotions which causes mental health issues.

Group holding leafs

If it becomes apparent that a person has both conditions at rehab, then they’ll receive a dual diagnosis.

This means that the resident will then be treated for both conditions.

It’s important this happens so that real recovery can take place.

Both parts of you need to be looked after.

How Are You Supported Around Relapse?


At rehab, you’ll develop a relapse prevention plan with the staff.

The goal of this is to clearly outline the techniques you have learned to get you through cravings successfully.

You’ll understand how to stop in that moment, figure out what has triggered the craving and thereafter what to do.

The plan will have a series of steps that you can follow to ensure you avoid turning to drugs and alcohol.

This helps you to stay healthy, safe, and sober.

The more you put these actions into practice, the easier they’ll become as you realise you can do them as you’ve done them before and succeeded.

Addiction Prevention Support Post-Rehab

Group therapy - teens - black and white

After a stay at rehab, you might opt to contact other organisations that support people to remain sober.

This can help you to remain focused in a more relaxed and casual way.

  • Outpatient services at a local drug and alcohol service. This might provide access to some relaxed conversation, group sessions, or activities (i.e. a gym pass).
  • Outpatient support through a private rehab. This might be included on the aftercare plan. For instance, you might have counselling for 6 weeks after leaving rehab.
  • 12 Step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These environments offer a space to keep you connected to others who want to be sober.
  • Al-Anon to give your family support, which provides you healthier relationship dynamics.
  • A home detox. This is overseen by a doctor but you remain living at home. When people relapse on alcohol, this can be a useful approach to getting them back on the path to sobriety.

Getting Help Today

For more information on addiction services in Coventry, contact Rehab 4 addiction today on 0800 140 4690.

With Rehab 4 Addiction, seeking out help for your addiction could not be simpler.

No matter what stage of the addiction cycle you are in, we are here to help you take those first steps towards recovery.

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