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Do you live in Norwich and are you concerned about your drug or alcohol use? Is your drinking or drug use affecting your health, family and employment?

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We provide instant access to many rehabilitation centres located in Norwich. You will not be expected to join any sort of ‘waiting list’ before you are able to join the comprehensive residential treatment options we provide.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe your addiction is a medical emergency requiring urgent treatment.

The stages of addiction treatment in Norwich

When you attend our Norwich rehabilitation centre, you will take part in a holistic and evidence-based treatment programme. This programme has long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction as its principal aim.

This ensures you avoid the ‘revolving doors’ approach to drug and alcohol treatment that’s prevalent in so many treatment centres around the United Kingdom today.

The stages of drug and alcohol addiction treatment include:

  1. Assessment
  2. Initial detoxification
  3. Therapy and education
  4. Aftercare planning, reintegration and relapse prevention

Each of the above stages of your treatment must be tackled if you wish to achieve your long-term abstinence goals. Your treatment programme taking place in Norwich aims to devote a substantial amount of time on each of the above four stages.

Now we outline each of these four stages below.

Stage 1: Assessment

The assessment you receive begins before you gain access to the treatment centre in Norwich. The initial assessment takes place over the telephone with one of our advisors.

During this assessment, we aim to determine the severity of your addiction to drugs and alcohol. We also note down any prior treatment programmes you have attended in the past.

When you attend a Norwich rehab centre, you will then be assessed by a psychiatrist. This assessment is more thorough than the telephone assessment we describe above.

Following this in-person assessment, the psychiatrist will prescribe you with medication designed to control withdrawal symptoms that arise during detoxification.

Stage 2: Detoxification

The second stage of rehabilitation is to undergo a full detoxification programme. Here you receive medication that will slightly sedate you. This ensures you are able to function without experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms.

The detoxification programme you receive in Norwich will be supervised by a team of medical professionals. This ensures you are not placed in harm’s way should you experience a seizure during your detoxification.

Stage 3: Therapy and education

Stage 3 takes place when the acute period of withdrawal has concluded. Whilst detoxification treats the physical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction, therapy and education aim to treat the underlying mental aspect of drug and alcohol addiction.

Therapy takes place in group and one-to-one settings. All therapy sessions are led by a trained psychotherapist or counsellor. This ensures you tackle deep emotional problems that cause you to resort to drug and alcohol consumption.

Education aims to teach you about the ill effects your drug and alcohol addiction cause to your body. We employ experts in fields such as neurobiology to teach the most up-to-date information on how addiction affects the brain and major organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Whilst therapy provides an emotional outlet for your mental issues, education allows you to logically realise the damage you inflict on your body through drug and alcohol use.

Stage 4: Aftercare planning, reintegration and relapse prevention

The fourth and final stage of your rehabilitation programme in Norwich aims to help you cope without drugs and alcohol once you have returned to your home. Aftercare sessions allow you to return to a Norwich rehabilitation centre for weekly ‘top-up’ therapy sessions.

Relapse prevention techniques are taught both during your rehabilitation programme and during aftercare sessions. These techniques allow you to cope with cues such as stress and anxiety in ways that do not involve drug and alcohol use.

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Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Norfolk, including Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn.

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