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Rehab 4 Addiction offers drug and alcohol rehab in East Sussex. We offer drug and alcohol addiction intervention meetings with family members concerned.

Drug and alcohol rehabs in East Sussex employ highly skilled medical professionals including doctors, psychiatric nurses, therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists and counsellors.

Drug and alcohol rehab in East Sussex is residential in nature meaning you live in the rehab clinic for around 10 days to 28 days.

This means we work with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery in the East Sussex area. Such groups support you once you leave the rehab clinic and return home.

We treat a range of substance and behavioural addictions in the East Sussex area. We treat patients with severe to mild conditions of addiction.

Before patients are admitted into a rehabilitation centre they must first undergo a thorough assessment from a clinical psychiatrist. This ensures treatment is tailored in meeting patients’ needs.

A ‘personalised care plan’ is then drawn up and implemented during the course of the rehab treatment programme.

Rehab 4 Addiction offers a variety of drug and alcohol rehabs in South East England, including London, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Brighton.

Do I Need to Go to Rehab?

This is not a question that can or should be asked or answered lightly.

Although many people may meet the criteria for alcohol abuse, not everyone may be as affected by their drinking habits. Therefore getting help is only a step you can choose to take yourself.

Below we have listed 5 top signs indicating that you should seek assistance from a private facility:

  1. Drugs/ alcohol is the most important thing in your life
  2. Your substance misuse is affecting your health
  3. A significantly higher dose of alcohol/ drugs is needed to feel the same effects
  4. You are struggling with a mental illness or other condition
  5. Quitting on your own doesn’t work, despite several attempts

How much does rehab cost in East Sussex?

The price of drug and alcohol rehab varies depending upon the centres you select, the amount of time you stay at the rehab and whether you opt to sleep in a single or multiple occupancy room. Fortunately, there are a range of options.

If you opt for a 10-day detox with a single occupancy room, then prices range from £3,000-£6,000. Prices for a multi-occupancy room vary from £2,000-£4,000.

If you wish to stay at rehab for 28-days, then expect to pay around £8,000-£12,000 for a single occupancy room, or around £6,000 for a multi-occupancy room. If you wish to undergo a home detox, then you may save money, but you will not be shielded from temptations.

However, home detoxes do work for many people. Expect to pay around £1,500 for a home detox. We may inform you of exact prices of rehabs in your local area. Please contact our helpline today for more information.

What Are My Treatment Options in East Sussex?

Everyone is different when it comes to alcoholism, and what works for some may not work for others, and some treatment options may be a better decision than the rest.

For this reason, our rehabs in East Sussex have many options which those struggling with this illness may avail of, such as:

Is residential rehab suitable?

One potent option to help the patient reach sobriety is inpatient care. Inpatient care is patient-focused and is essential to those who have developed a physical addiction to alcohol.

Patient monitoring is essential, especially in detox situations, for which inpatient care is an effective option to consider. When detoxing, it is of great advantage to the patient to have support and access to medical staff to deal with any problems that may arise from the detox process.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we strongly recommend that you choose residential rehab services. Living within a clinic during your treatment programme means that you will be completely removed from temptation, allowing you to focus on quitting drink and drugs for good.

Plus, because you’ll receive 24/7 care and support from a team of qualified and experienced medical professionals, including psychiatrists and psychotherapists, you’re much more likely to make a full recovery.

Therapies Used In Rehab

There are a number of therapies available for patients suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction at our East Sussex rehab facilities. Therefore, each treatment contains its own redeeming qualities, and a treatment plan should be fully suited around the individual needs of the patient.

These therapies include:

These therapy options possess their own strengths and weaknesses and should not be thought of as mandatory, as some may work for you, while some may not. The right way of approaching therapy is to have an open mind and try a few things out while trying to find what suits your needs.

A Timeline of Drug & Alcohol Rehab in East Sussex

A typical timeline of drug and alcohol rehab in East Sussex include:

The duration of treatment is dictated by the severity and nature of addiction. Because of this, treatment for alcohol and opiate-based drug addictions typically take longer than treatment for cocaine and cannabis addiction.

What Happens During Residential Detox?

Alcohol and similar drugs are what is known as physically addictive. In layman’s terms, this means your body becomes adapted to the effects of alcohol over a long period of time.

When alcohol is removed from the patients’ system, they may suffer side effects as a result of their body returning to its usual functions.

Common withdrawal symptoms of detoxing may include:

Detox is a very emotional and stressful time for a patient, which makes inpatient treatment that much more of an advantage when detoxing from heavy alcohol or substance abuse.

How to Prepare for Residential Rehab in East Sussex?

Inpatient care, although daunting, is critical and can be a massive benefit to a recovering alcoholic or drug addict. Preparation should be mainly mental, and one should not worry too much about how their treatment will go.

Patient comfort and wellness are fundamental and treatment suits each individual patient. Because of this, on your referral to one of our facilities, we will provide you with all the necessary information to help you prepare for that specific programme.

We advise enlisting the help of a friend or relative to sit down and go through all external factors with you, such as arranging childcare or postponing important social obligations. We also advise informing your employer – or if you want to keep your rehab programme private, make alternative work arrangements.

Addiction Aftercare In East Sussex

Once you leave the care of the team at the East Sussex drug and alcohol rehabs, you’ll continue to participate in group therapy sessions on an outpatient basis.

Attending these sessions will make it much less likely that you’ll relapse once you return to your familiar surroundings, helping you remain clean and sober for good.

Winning the battle with drink and drugs is tough, but with the help of an experienced team of addiction experts, you stand an excellent chance. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we can provide you with further information about addiction aftercare in East Sussex.

Contacting Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehabilitation takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. You gain access to luxury and private facilities. Staff are friendly and some are former addicts now living in recovery.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Sussex, including Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton.

Choose recovery today

Start your new life today by calling us on 0800 140 4690 or by submitting an enquiry form.

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